Video Tutorials

“I hope these video tutorials will be a super useful resource for you and your friends” cheers Stu

The basics

How to tie and re-thread a fig 8 knot onto a harness.
How to tie a clove hitch.
What do I carry on my harness?
How to tie into 2 anchors.
How to connect 2 anchors using a 120cm sling.
How to belay from the top of the crag.

Advanced skills

Instructor skills

More vids coming soon. If there’s anything that you’d like covering please drop me a line and I’ll get a vid out for you.


These are only training videos and you climb and use the skills at your own risk. Please only try these out on ground level and if you want further training check out any of the courses below to get super amazing training.

Cheers Stu

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