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Who are we?????

We (Stu and Anna) set up Climb365 in 2002. We love being in the outdoors and decided that we wanted to run our own business taking people out into the mountains.

Since 2002 we have developed the business and now offer all kinds of fun activities.

Initially, rock climbing was, and probably is, our favourite sport/activity, however, ice climbing, mountaineering, wild camping jostle for time and attention.

As a family, we have been blessed to live in the Lake District and have travelled around Scotland having great adventures and some abroad too. Northern Spain offers amazing rock climbing and awesome Mountain Biking, having a van enables some very affordable fun trips without having to plan too much.

So much of being in the mountains is the relationships and shared experiences with those friends, family and loved ones. We are so honoured to be able to share these experiences and even are responsible for some of the most amazing days our clients have in the mountains.

Some of the trips we’ve been involved in have been so special to clients over the years. We are always so pleased to be part of people’s journeys.

Many clients become friends and some families come to the Lakes each summer holidays and we love seeing the kids grow and develop.

We hope this short little description enables you to see we are a family business that cares about you and your time in the mountains and what that means to you.

About Stuart

I grew up in the Peak District and first climbed on Peak Gritstone at the age of 17. With a Higher National Diploma in Photography, I worked in London as a freelance photographer in advertising studios before beginning my career in the outdoors.

In 2002 I fully qualified as a WMCI (Winter Mountaineering Climbing Instructor). This is the highest UK qualification for summer and winter climbing and mountaineering.

As well as jumping in rivers, guiding or generally having a laugh I mentor, train and develop many instructors.

“We both aim to be very approachable and are here to help you enjoy the outdoors”

About Anna

I’ve always loved being outside and one of my earliest memories is spending time in the Scottish Highlands. As a child, I was always up a tree somewhere or catching grasshoppers in my free time.

I’ve had various jobs:

  • Conservation tree planting in Australia when I was 18
  • Sail Training on a 70-foot gaff ketch which took me all over the UK from Shetland and the west coast of Scotland to Galway to Finland and Sweden, sailing across Biscay twice and taking 21 days to sail the Atlantic through lightning storms and swimming with sharks!
  • Before working with Climb365, I was a secondary school science teacher in Kent and then Kingston upon Thames. A hard job that I loved because young people make me laugh.

Most of my summer holidays were taken up sailing in Tall ships races or being in the beautiful mountains.

In 1999 I met Stuart and life changed forever!

We are now blessed to live in Cumbria and founded Climb365 in 2002.

Both Stuart and I hold the WMCI (Winter Mountaineering Climbing Instructor)  which is the highest rock and mountain qualification possible in the UK. I worked for Climb365 until my youngest son was 3 and we decided that home educating the family was the direction we wanted to take.

Now I get to share my love of the outdoors with my own children, climbing, mountain biking, scrambling and wild camping.

Climb365 Sponsors

We care!

As a company we try to do our bit, we’re not here to brag, but just want to share a few awesome organisations that we support with some of the profit that Climb365 makes.

Food for the Hungry
In January 2018 Anna went to Burundi and was so challenged about the need and work there. The people are so needy. So we do a little bit to help.

Food for the Hungry Website

Compassion UK
It’s possible to sponsor children as they grow up and need education, a safe place to live.

Compassion UK Website

Gospel for Asia
Through this awesome organisation, we support a female local worker helping her with education and general support.

Gospel for Asia

No pressure to get involved but if you were looking for organisations that use donations very effectively these are great organisations to take a look at.