Mountain Training courses


Since Mid March, we, as many have been affected by the virus and I hope you and your families are keeping safe and well.

We plan to be open from Monday 6th July to offer outdoor activities for a max of 5 people per instructor. We will have to adhere to guidance from the Gov regarding safe operating procedures.

Please get in touch to chat about what we can offer and your aims and aspirations. It will be great to be able to help get our clients back out in the hills.

Some Mountain Training courses are not yet available but some are and we do hope to arrange future dates.

Currently we are able to offer:

  • Mountain Leader and Rock Climbing Instructor Refresher day/s outdoors.
  • Mountain Leader and Rock Climbing Instructor Reassessment (outdoor element) days

We hope in England that once the Gov allows for overnight accommodation to be used which is currently set at Sat 4th July that Mountain Leader courses will soon after that be allowed to run. We will off course have to follow the guidance of Mountain Training who have all the home Nations to consider.

Mountain Training courses

We are a registered provider of Mountain Training courses. We provide the Mountain Leader Training and Assessment courses, Rock Climbing Instrutor and Rock Climbing Development Instructor.