Summer rock climbing & mountaineering courses

Summer rock climbing & mountaineering courses

Rock climbing courses

Beginners rock climbing

Beginners rock climbing course

This 2-day rock climbing course for beginners. Fun rock climbing course for those looking for a friendly rock climbing course.

Classic Rock climbing course Lake District

Classic Rock climbing course

5-day Classic Rock climbing course, A full week of rock climbing as many super historic Classic rock routes of the Lake District. Suitable for all climbers, beginners to those simply wanting 5 amazing enjoyable days rock climbing.

Indoors to outdoor rock climbing course

Indoors to outdoor rock climbing course

This indoors to outdoor rock climbing course is aimed at developing your skills from an indoor rock climber.

Already lead climbing indoors?
Just started indoors climbing, top-roping?
Boulderer but want to get into roped climbing?

Learning to lead rock climbing course

Learning to Lead rock climbing

5-day Learning to Lead rock climbing course. A full week teaching everything you need to know to become a self-sufficient trad lead rock climber.

Self rescue for climbers

Self-rescue for climbers

1-day self-rescue for climbers course. Aimed at climbers looking for multi-pitch stance management and rescue skills.

Mountaineering courses

Mountaineering courses

Beginners scrambling course

This 2 day course is perfect for anyone wanting to tackle scrambling for the first time. We will take you scrambling were you wouldn’t go on your own. Suitable for beginners or those with some basic experience.

Mountaineering courses Lake District

Rope work for scrambling course

A 2 day course teaching rope work to keep yourself safe whilst scrambling graded scrambling routes?

Mountaineering courses Lake District

Intro mountaineering course

An 5 day course introducing you to mountaineering in the Lake District. Classic peaks and amazing scrambles.  Teaching you skills to keep safe on the mountains.

Mountaineering courses Lake District

Advanced mountaineering course

In 5 days we will take you from grade 1 scrambles to grade 3 or 4 scrambles to diff climbs. Learning how to tackle scrambles and the most accessible climbs in the Lake District.

Mountaineering courses Lake District

Navigation training

Are you the one everyone turns to if it gets misty?  Well this 2 day course will give you the confidence to navigate off paths. Teaching you lots of navigation skills.