Learning to lead rock climbing course

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We deliver this 5-day course for up to two people per guide.

The total course price for 2 people is £1150, that’s £575 per person.

We can work 1:1 as well and the total 5-day course fee would be £1050.

You are booking a bespoke course and you get to choose the best dates for you.

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learning to rock climbing course

Why should I do this learning to rock climbing course?

This is a 5 day multi-pitch learning to rock climb course.

Our aim is that by the end of the course you will be happy to lead, placing leader protection, and look after a second on rock routes outside; To choose appropriate routes for your self and your second, placing and assessing rock gear, building safe belays and have good rope management skills.

What does this course cover?

On Day 1

Of the learning to lead rock climbing course we guide you up as many routes as we can get done in a day, allowing you to relax and feel comfortable on the rope.
We’ll also cover belaying a second, removing rock gear, rope management, building belays and climbing efficiently.

On Day 2

You start to lead on very easy routes. We will be beside you while you climb on a separate rope.
The aim is to climb something so easy you don’t have to worry about the climbing and can concentrate on placing protection.
We concentrate specifically on gear placement, gear assessment and belay building.
As there are always two of you on the course, we keep getting you both to swing leads so that you each have experience of leading.

On Days 3 and 4

We build on what you have learnt previously, continuing to reinforce the basics of gear placement while introducing more essential ideas: looking after the second, stance management and climbing tricks and techniques to make your life easier. We will be beside you while you climb on a separate rope.

By Day 5

We expect you will be happy to lead a route without our assistance. We will be on hand nearby, watching but allowing you to make decisions and take the lead on your own.
We aim to visit as many different venues and rock types as possible during the course of the week.

What do I need to have done before?

You need to be hill fit and happy to walk into a mountain crag.
Although no previous climbing experience is necessary, you will get more out of the course if you have done some indoor wall climbing or have seconded some routes outside.

Who else will be on the course?

The course will be run on a maximum 1 instructor to 2 client ratio.

What do I need to bring?

Climb 365 provides you with all the safety equipment you need including harness, helmet, ropes and lead rack.
If you have any of your own equipment, it is a good idea to use that as you will always feel more comfortable with familiar equipment.
You need to wear rock boots for leading and we suggest that you buy a pair if you do not already have them.

You will also need a packed lunch, waterproofs, spare jumper, walking boots or similar and rucksack.

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