Indoor to outdoor rock climbing course

“indoor climber? boulderer? outdoor climbing is superb…fun..challenging and brilliant.

Indoor to outdoor rock climbing course

This indoors to outdoor rock climbing course is aimed at developing your skills from an indoor rock climber.

  • You might be a regular user of the wall already lead climbing indoors.
  • You might have just started indoors climbing, top-roping, but haven’t led yet.
  • You might be a boulderer but want to get into roped climbing.

All our courses are flexible in the approach we take and you might wish to see this course as a “shop window” of ideas and we can progress your skills at your pace.

Indoor climbers vary so much in their abilities and skills.

This course is aimed at taking you from where you are at to where you want to be.

You might be leading 7a indoors but have never climbed outdoors on a sport route or on a crag that requires trad gear to protect.

Once you’ve looked through the course programme we can make this course fit your needs and aspirations.

We think you’ll really enjoy rock climbing outdoors and want to make it as accessible as possible.

If your aims are to be a fully sufficient outdoor sports leader and get and introduction to trad climbing with the potential to become a trad lead climber this is the ideal course and we’ll really progress you to get the most of the course.

This indoors to outdoor rock climbing course is 3 days long. We offer a handful of courses to give you ideas of what’s possible.

We offer private tuition, guiding and instruction and can put any package together for you. Whether that’s for summer or winter, rock climbing and mountaineering.

On our mountain guide page, you can book any number of day/s and are not tied to three days. Perhaps drop us a line to chat about what you think would suit you.

Based on years of training and developing rock climbers we think 3 days would be the best accessible introduction to outdoor climbing.

What we actually cover is really down to your level of ability. Below is an outline of the skills that we think would be great for you to learn.

  • Day 1 Climbing at an outdoor sport crag. This could include you leading on a sport route.
  • Day 2 Intro to trad climbing, this could be with the focus on you learning to lead.
  • Day 3 If you’re ready….The sharp end of trad leading.

The above is a ballpark outline for someone who probably already leads 5a comfortably indoors.


In the past, we have offered set course dates but have generally found that clients prefer dates that suit their diary.
Responding to this, we now offer this course on any 4 consecutive days to suit both your and our availability.

If you have the choice weekdays are quieter in the hills but many clients have busy lives and overlapping weekends suit.


This 3-day course will vary in price depending on numbers as these dictate the ratio of instructor to the client.

Below is the outline for two people and also for up to 4 people. You will see the per head price is cheaper if you are in a group of 3 or 4.

3 -day course for two people on a 1:2 ratio

Day 1 to 3 @ 1:2 = £690 that’s £345 per person total

3-day course based on 3 people

Day 1 @ 1:3 ratio total for one instructor £250

Day 3 and day 4 @ 1:2 ratio total for two instructors £920

The total 3-day course for 3 people is £1,170 that’s £390 per person total

4 -day course based on 4 people

Day 1 and day 2 @ 1:4 ratio total for one instructor £600

Day 3 and day 4 @ 1:2 ratio total for two instructors £920

The total 4-day course for 4 people is £1520 that’s £380 per person total

We plan to use a real variety of crags from sports venues to trad crags.

The best location is to be based near Ambleside as this is a pretty central area and suitable for where we base our courses from..

The kit we provide:

We provide all the technical gear:

Of course, you’ll have your own rock boots, however, you may need us to provide helmets harnesses ropes etc.

We also provide any lead rack you might need,  quickdraws, nuts, cams etc

Do you need to bring anything?

Appropriate clothes for the weather. You’ll need food, drink rucksack for each day we plan to spend all day at each venue getting as much done as possible.

If you have your own rack that’s ideal as you’ll get more familiar with your own kit.
Other items that can be worth getting but we will show you more about are stick clips, bouldering mats.