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SPA Assessment

SPA Assessment

SPA Assessment

SPA assessment

SPA assessment

SPA assessment course details

Our single pitch award assessment courses are another opportunity for you to learn. Whilst assessing, we are always chatting through ideas and offering tips to help you improve. We are looking for good, sound, safe instructors. We are looking for people to be at the SPA standard or above and with an open mind to learning.

As assessors, we are also continually learning and even though we have been fully qualified MIC instructors for many years we are still open to new ideas.

So an ideal assessment goes something like this:

You are showing us that you meet the single pitch award requirements and are climbing well. We will endeavour to give you ideas to think through, move you on and hope that you come out of the assessment process with more ideas, a greater breadth of experience and feel encouraged to continue learning and maybe go onto the summer, winter ML or MIA.
So what happens if things don’t go quite as planned?

We really understand assessment stress. People react differently to being assessed. We try and find what works for you and seek after your best performance. In practical terms, this means that we try and coach and give you as many opportunities to see that you have the understanding of what’s required.

A quote from our assessment guidelines.
“Wherever possible, should a candidate not demonstrate the level required for SPA assessment we show them where they have gone wrong and give them an opportunity to prove that they have understood and learnt from the feedback and coaching. We endeavour to make opportunity on the 2nd day for you to demonstrate these learned skills.”

This is our aim! We want you to show us the best of yourselves. On an SPA assessment course, it’s easy to make little mistakes and not be clear. Our aim is for you to relax and show us that you are able to be a safe, good, motivating, encouraging instructor.

We believe in ongoing learning. We see the SPA assessment course as being another chance to learn from your peers and our coaching input; also to question the skills learnt on SPA training and to end the SPA assessment course with more working knowledge and applicable skills.

Spa Assessment

Day 1

We meet at 8:30 am on the morning of the first day and then journey to a crag (venue arranged around the weather)
Eve of day 1
We visit the indoor wall.

Day 2

We meet at 9 am at a different crag venue. Results, Debriefs and course review and finished by 5pm.

SPA assessment course outline

Day 1

Group rigging and abseiling session.
Assessment of the skills taught and outlined on the SPA training page.
Our aim on an assessment is that candidates should prove that they can rig safely and efficiently, choose appropriate anchors, manage and encourage the group well and have a good understanding of what makes a fun and challenging group session.
We aim to offer as much opportunity as possible for sharing ideas between candidates and for further learning and instructor development.
Wherever possible, should a candidate not demonstrate the level required for SPA we show them where they have gone wrong and give them an opportunity on the second day to prove that they have understood and learnt from the previous day.

Evening climbing wall session.
Assessment of the skills outlined on the SPA training page. Peer coaching.

Day 2

Personal climbing
Assessment of the skills taught and outlined on the SPA training page.
Each candidate to lead climbs they feel comfortable on.
Candidates should lead up to Severe level with confidence and rig safely at the top of the climb. They should be able to communicate clearly with the second and ensure that they get back to the ground safely. The weather might dictate that an easier route is climbed.

We aim to use at least two different climbing venues over the two days

SPA Assessment course 2018, cost £185
Note: Climb365 will pay your entry fee for the climbing wall.

We usually stop for a quick bite to eat between being on the hill and going to the wall.  To keep this short and sweet we usually pop into the Morrison’s cafe in Kendal.

How to book

You can simply book online and fill in the booking form all in one go.

We use world pay to make things safe and as easy as possible for you.

Once you have booked online, you will receive a confirmation email for your booking with all the arrangements for your activity.

If you are wanting to book an activity which starts within 48 hours of the booking date, please call us so that we can process your booking on the phone. This will ensure you don’t miss out and can have a great time on the activity.

If you would like to email or chat please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Booking Page

For this course, you must be registered with the MT and fulfil the experience requirements laid out by Mountain Training.
The MT can be contacted on 01690 720314 or go to their website

Follow this link to some very useful info about belaying.

BMC Belaying & Abseiling leaflet

Hi Stu, Josh here. I just wanted to drop you a message to say a massive thank you for my SPA assessment. It was really enjoyable and I learned so much during it!
Josh Oct 2014