Stoney Croft Canyoning

Stoney Croft Canyoning, the chasm one…. abseiling down waterfalls this enclosed adventure is great.

We signed up for an afternoon of ghyll scrambling and we weren’t quite sure what to expect. What we got was a fantastic afternoon – climbing up and down river banks, diving into the water (with wet suits!) and generally challenging ourselves under the watchful eye of Stuart …

Family August 2020

Had an amazing time and Alex was brilliant, especially with my youngest son. Fab experience!

Family Oct 2020

Stoney Croft Canyoning

Stoney Croft Canyoning is all about a technical adventure into another world. It involves abseiling or being lowered into the canyon. The middle section of Stoney Croft has high walls and amazing channelled water shoots leading into pools and water-worn scooped out bowls.

We love it and you feel a million miles away during the canyoning session. We will coach you on how to abseil and kit you out ready for this more challenging adventure. It doesn’t involve any climbing just a good sense of adventure.

This is a level 2 session, with abseiling or technical sections to get down using a harness We coach your skills on how to abseil and if you can’t manage it we can lower you down each waterfall. The canyoning section involves 3 waterfalls that require a rope and harness to safely negotiate. It’s really amazing being down in the canyon, enclosed and hidden in the stunning canyon. This canyoning usually suits adults and children of around 12 yrs up however we can chat about this if you have younger children who have down this sort of thing before. You can call us to see if this suits.

Stoney Croft is in the Newlands valley and is really quick to get to from Keswick.
We will email you exact directions to the meeting venue but as a guide, the ghyll is about 10mins drive West from Keswick.

Half-day sessions run as follows:
Morning 9:30 am to 12:30 pm – Afternoon 1:30 pm to 4:30pm. That’s three full hours of activity.

Full-day sessions run as follow:
9:30 am to 4:30 pm. That’s seven full hours of activity.

We realise how valuable your time is and this reflects in our attention to giving you a full session. We always get to the meeting venue early arrange our kit and make sure we are ready to go. This enables us to optimise the contact time with you, giving you real value for money and attention to your experience.

Half-day activities are really fun and do combine very well with other activities. E.g. many people book rock climbing or abseiling in the morning and ghyll scrambling or canyoning in the afternoon.

These half-day combinations and our all-day sessions can be viewed here: Mix n Match options on this page here.

The kit we provide:

For all our ghyll scrambling and canyoning sessions, we provide full-length wetsuits with arms.  These are very flexible and comfortable. We have a wide range of sizes to enable a good fit.

We also provide helmets, harness and buoyancy aids where appropriate depending on which session you are on.

Do you need to bring anything?

Yes, please bring socks and trainers to wear during the session. These must-have laces and be proper shoes (do NOT bring slip-on water shoes).

Under the wetsuit please wear a swimsuit or underpants. If you have a rash vest, thermal top or football shirt, this will be a nice layer to wear but is not essential.
You will need a big towel for afterwards and lads don’t forget a spare pair of underpants.
And lastly, we ask everyone to bring a pair of shorts (ideally board shorts) but these are to give you some dignity and protect the bum of the wetsuit.

We’ll send you a PDF of info at booking

We provide private activities sessions solely for you, your friends & family.

You are NOT joined to any other group.

We believe in delivering high-quality instruction just for you, and so we do NOT join individuals together to make a big group.

We have found our clients prefer the benefit of the activity being just for them and the personal service this enables. We employ quality staff to run the session for you and this is why we charge for the instructor, allowing us to focus on giving you the best experience.

All technical kit included. No hidden costs.
We work on a max group size of 1 instructor to 8 clients. We will provide as many instructors as your group needs.

Half-day prices

Your private session costs £200 for the instructor and includes up to 5 people.
Each additional person costs:
Adult £40 per half-day session.
Child £30 per half-day session (under 18 yrs)
5 adults would be £200
2 adults and 5 children would be: £200 + (2x additional child @£30) total price =£260


Your private session costs £300 for the instructor and includes up to 5 people.
Each additional person costs:
Adult £70 per full-day session.
Child £50 per full-day session (under 18 yrs)
4 Adults & 4 children would be: £300 + (3x additional child @£50) total price =£45o

Book Stoney Croft Canyoning

Stoney Croft Canyoning is a half-day activity. Why not turn it into a full day by combining it with one of our other half-day options.

Each private half-day activity costs £200 for the instructor and includes up to 5 people.
Adult £40 per half-day session.
Child £30 per half-day session (under 18 yrs)

Example: 2 adults and 5 children would be: £200 + (2x additional child @£30) total price =£260

Terms & Conditions

For groups up 5 People select the activity date and book.

For 6 or more only add ADDITIONAL people then book.