ML & SPA Reassessments

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ML & SPA reassessment

ML & SPA reassessment

Mountain Leader & Single Pitch Award reassessments

Mountain Leader & Single Pitch Award reassessment

We will reassess you for the areas that are highlighted on your deferral page. These are usually quite specific areas.

We know how having been deferred on your original assessment can knock your confidence.  We try and make your time with us as good as possible.  Our aim is to see the best of you and look to see your true abilities behind the nerves.

We will endeavour to help you relax and give you the best opportunity to show us that you have reached the standard for the qualification.

We are based in the Lakes and we will meet you and chose a venue that will be suitable for the weather and the areas of the syllabus that you wish to cover.

Please call us to chat through your Moutain Leader & Single Pitch Award reassessment.

Do you feel that you might be ready for reassessment but want further training?

Please call us or see our NGB coaching page for more info.

We can arrange your reassessment for any day that suits you. Single Pitch Award reassessments are always in the day time.

Moutain Leader reassessments that require night navigation often run from later in the day depending on the time of year. If you need night navigation for your reassessment we often start your Moutain Leader re assessment about 2 hrs before it goes dark.

Prices are:

1:1 £195 per reassessment

1:2 £220 per  reassessment

You can simply book online and fill in the booking form all in one go.

We use world pay to make things safe and as easy as possible for you.

Once you have booked online, you will receive a confirmation email for your booking with all the arrangements for your activity.

If you are wanting to book an activity which starts within 48 hours of the  booking date, please call us so that we can process your booking on the phone. This will ensure you don’t miss out and can have a great time on the activity.

If you would like to email or chat please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Should you need to contact Mountain Training, they can be contacted on 01690 720314 or go to their website